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Personal Best vs. Extra Ordinary

I recently had a heavy discussion with someone dear to me of my overall life performance. As usual my best thoughts are those off the cuff and those from direct engagement with others.
All this while my perceptions have been we have to be more than the average Joe in order to make it in this world. That was my premise & thoughts before I entered the conversation with the person. However, during the conversation, I realized after gone through the nooks & crannies of life that we should do our personal best & improve on our best efforts. Then submit to God of the outcome. We should not try to compete against other’s ability. We should not try to be extra than the average ordinary. It’s alright if you want to compete against others if you know their level playing field same as yours but that’s after you have done your extra ordinary best of yourself.
For example is it fair you ask a slightly mentally ill person to be better than the average people. In life we beat ourselves for listening to others how we have failed against another. You can be disappointed if you didn’t do your best in comparison to your previous performance but don’t beat yourself from the start when you failed against others.
The second part, which is submission, after we have done our best is as important as the first part. This is where magic happens. First part relates to the second part when you instill any of positive feelings on your side that you did your personal best. Somehow, which is still beyond human comprehension, putting that feeling of thankfulness of your own best performance and other positive vibes open up to better possibilities to achieving of what you set to achieve in the first place.
So there is no need to be extra than the ordinary average Joe. Be the best that you can be in what whatever you do. Be extra ordinary of yourself not of others.

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